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Gift of Love 2017

2017 pickup  crew      2017 roosevelt 2860      

The Nebraska National Guard joined                                                                   Roosevelt Elementary collected                                        
employees from First State Bank in                                                                 2860 pounds of canned food.  They                                             
collecting non perishable food items                                                                    were rewarded with a private                                                
from local schools. The total collected                                                            showing of Despicable Me 3 at the
was over 10,000 pounds                                                                                    Midwest Theater.  First Student
                                                                                                                                generously donated the busing

 2017 Northfield                        2017 Lincoln 2060     

     Northfield School collected 2080 pounds of canned food                                     Lincoln Elementary collected 2060 pounds of canned food


2017 Westmoor        2017 CCS 520 lbs         2017 Longfellow 340         

Westmoor School collected 1020                                 Community Christian School                            Longfellow students collected     
pounds of canned food                                                 created a display out of their                             340 pounds of non perishable           
                                                                                                  520 pound collection                                                       food


2017 lincolh heights 200 2017 GJHS 920 lbs 2017 scottsbluff recycling
Lincoln Heights collected 200
pounds of canned food
The Builders Club at Gering Junior
High School led the school in 
collecting 920 pounds of non
perishable food items. This earned
them $250 to purchase a technology
tablet of their choosing
Scottsbluff Recycling was so generous to 
weigh all 5 tons of food for us. We were
fortunate to have Alyssa & Zach Wilkinson
donate the use of their pickup 


2017 St Agnes 2017 Santa with child 2017 ethan & tyler Aschenbrenner
Each Year St Agnes School 4th & 5th grades
host a hot dog fee and then utilize the 
proceeds to purchase gifts from the Tree
of Names. In 2017, they were able to 
make Christmas brighter for 8 children
During the Truck of Love, Santa visits
to thank the boys & girls who lovingly
give up their toys. 
We have many volunteers during 
the program.  Ethan & Tyler 
Aschenbrenner have helped for
3 years. 



                                                           2017 Delivery    

 Deliveries were made on 12/17.  Over 40 volunteers delivered presents and a week worth of food to 100 families.      The Gift of Love program is a collaboration between ( r.)St. Agnes Church (Father Parsons), CAPWN (Carmen Trevino), First State Bank (Becca Tompkins). Valley Christian Neighbors in Need (Pam Elledge) and the Knights of Columbus (Mel Elledge) and most importantly, the Community that gives of toys, food, coats and LOVE. 



Gift of Love 2016

       2016 brianna little with santa                  2016 CCS cross              2016 girls scout troop 10024                 2016 GFA coat donation      

2017 Miss Chadron's Outstanding          Community Christian                   Girl Scout troop 10024, earned              The Gering Freshman Academy
teen, Brianna Little, donated over           School took 2nd place                 money from cookie sales to                         Intro to Business students
50 coats                                                         with their canned food               purchase a gift for one of 320                    used money from entrepreneurial
                                                                                       cross                                    children on the tree of names                       sales to purchase coats 


2016 KOC truck drop off              2016 trucks

Once again, the love that filled the NTC truck, gave the Knights
of Columbus plenty of love to help make the Christmas brighter
for so many children in our community


2016 NENG help      2016 tree collection        2016 VCNN donation            2016 Lincoln elem 1st place

The Nebraska National              The outpouring of LOVE from the                 BMS, Longfellow, Lincoln Heights,      The Lincoln Elementary 
Guard provided help            community made Christmas brighter for               CCS and Lincoln provided                     Student Council 
                                                                          320 children                                           canned goods for the Valley                  this campfire and 
                                                                                                                                            Christian Neighbors in Need                     won 1st place
                                                                                                                                      to create holiday meal baskets with

Gift of Love 2015

                                                    School Canned food challenge winners

  westmoor, 1st place winner                                  lincoln heights, 2nd place                               GHS, 1st place winner

Westmoor, Elementary Division                                  Lincoln Heights, Elementary Division                                GHS, Upper Level Division
                      1st place, $200                                                              2nd place, $150                                                                  1st place, $200


                                    1st Annual City of Scottsbluff First State Bank Jingle Jog

bill boyer jingle jog          mike family jingle jog       group of jingle joggers           rick tuggle jingle jog


         In 2015, 337 names were picked from our Tree of Names and those children were given a brighter Christmas   collection 1                       tree of names                     collection 2

         Once Again, the outpouring of Love and support from the community made the Truck of Love a success!!!!


fsb group                full truck

Gift of Love 2014

Business After Hours & Gift of Love Kickoff, November 6,2014


Karen, bill, Susan                          sign out    


                                               small bit                               gary kelley


picking names                              schlotthauer table